International Collaboration with the Aall Foundation saving lives in East Africa!

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We are delighted to report that the Aall Foundation have continued their funding of Transformed International’s projects this year!


For the 8th year running, the Aall Foundation will be funding the distribution of Lifewater Systems to homes, schools and Health Centres across East Africa. Their support so far has enabled us to supply over 4,000 systems across Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar and to support a project in Ghana, enabling hundreds of thousands of adults and children to have access to clean drinking water (over a quarter of those systems were supplied to schools, plus a significant number of village Health Centres).

This year’s funding will provide a further 750 systems across 6 villages, and will also enable hundreds of recipients at the Rhino Refugee Resettlement Camp to receive portable Lifewater Systems, plus, for the first time, the equipment to upgrade the portable system to a longer-term home installation. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the systems supplied. (See other news items regarding the Rhino Camp work.)

Truly International

The portable Lifewater Systems for the Rhino Camp are donated by the Water Works project from Australia. This year, help with the distribution costs and the upgrade equipment, is funded by the Aall Foundation from the Cayman Islands, the projects are planned by our UK Team and delivered on the ground by our indigenous African teams – a truly international effort bringing real quality of life improvement to some of the most deprived people in Africa. The recipients mainly have family members with special needs as well as being disadvantaged, homeless and poor – victims of tribal conflict in neighbouring South Sudan. Special needs includes physical and mental disabilities, child parented families, pregnant single mothers, the elderly, etc.

Africa Youth Award

As can be read in some of the other reports, we engage the students in the Africa Youth Award (AYA see our webpage) in monitoring and maintaining the Lifewater systems which have been donated. This has proved extremely successful in ensuring continued use of the Lifewater systems, with the utilisation rate being 85-90%, even for systems donated a number of years ago. This activity also forms part of the Award programme, so contributes towards the young people’s training and qualification.

This year, the Aall Foundation have also made a major contribution to the AYA work, which will enable us to provide continuing training to many of our Youth Co-ordinators across East Africa, and supply them with the printed manuals they need to do their work effectively. It will also enable us to roll-out the programme in Sierra Leone and Liberia. A start was made there a few years ago through Maranatha Ministries, run by Ali and Lorraine Patience, who are now also two of our Directors. But the initiative faltered due to insufficient resources. However, there are a number of young people there who have completed the course, who will now be able to, and are very keen to, take the AYA programme forward. Training sessions and materials are being made available over the next few months, with delegates from Sierra Leone and Liberia being trained to take the programme forward in their very needy countries.


So, the 2019 funding year looks to be very exciting (and busy!) for Transformed International, thanks to the Aall Foundation‘s continuing and very much appreciated funding. Of course, our thanks pales into insignificance compared to thanks being expressed by the recipients in Africa! People saved from all manner of water borne diseases, enjoying better health generally (even being alive when otherwise they might have died), young people finding gainful occupations and building skill sets that will see them through life, etc., etc.