Aall Foundation Lifewater reaches Katoma Kaburara in Western Uganda!

With the generous sponsorship of The Aall Foundation, our Ugandan Lifewater Team visited Katoma Kaburara in the Western Region of Uganda – a very rural community with extremely poor sources of water.

Our team sent the following report:


KABURARA has been the most disciplined and welcoming village we have distributed to kits so far. For the three days of the distribution we did not have any headache in the exercise even though the people who came were far more than those invited! We thank Pastor Caleb (a member of our International Leadership Team in Uganda and the Co-ordinator of our Africa Youth Award programmes across East Africa) and the many local AYA students for making this happen

Kaburara recipients     Kaburara young recipients

The distribution was for three days and 126 people received systems.

Days of distribution

Number of recipients

Type of systems


45 Recipients

Single systems


46 Recipients

45 Singles and 1 double system


35 Recipients

Single systems


126 Total


Invitation Letters played a big role in helping us identify the exact beneficiaries as the numbers were overwhelming. Beneficiaries received invitation letters indicating the date they are to receive the kits. However some uninvited ones still came thinking there could be a chance for them to be registered, but whenever they discovered systems are limited to 126, they would go back without complaining. Unlike other villages where you begin hearing sharp words from those who have missed the chance.

We thank the Village and Church leaders who made this possible and were non-denominational in picking the beneficiaries.

According to physical assessment, Muslims were 20%, Catholics 30%, Pentecostals 45%, and others 5%.

The Village leaders were very grateful for a Christian organisation that doesn’t segregate.


1)More beneficiaries than available kits: We did not know what to do with those who missed. It was unfortunate, we would tell them to go and pray that maybe there would be another chance for them next time but with an advice to share water with those neighbours who have received systems.

2)Extremely dirty water: They have wells with bad water which are far distant from some natives

3)Heavy Rains: The heavy rains made the roads very slippery and clearly seen due to flooded water. On two occasions we slipped off the road into the bush which was hard for us to push the car back to the road. We thank God for his protection.

Kaburara on the way


As usual we have a culture of meeting AYA members and any Village leaders who take part in monitoring during every distribution. The purpose is to equip them with ways to handle monitoring since these are the key contact people the beneficiaries can access easily in case of technical challenges. They also give reports back to the office for evaluation.

This was done successfully.


We extend our sincere gratitude to the organising committee for this distribution which was led by Mr Mutabazi John as the pastor of the Church which hosted us. We thank this team for the work done in registering all these people without segregation.

We appreciate the work done by Uganda Lifewater team in the field and more especially the Africa Youth Award (AYA) who are very much involved in fieldwork and are doing very well.

And then lastly to our sponsors the AALL foundation, thank you for the great work you are doing in Uganda.

May the Lord bless all the works of your hands as you continue supporting Africa.