Aall Foundation Villages Lifwater Project revisits Kenya Kitale

Kitale beneficiary


The Lifewater distribution, funded by the Aall Foundation, took place on 10/03/2020 to 12/03/2020 at Whole World Ministry Church located in the suburbs of Kitale town.

We found the recipients had prepared good and proper stands. Some had made metallic stands to carry their precious kits. The attendees were so happy, thanking God for having remembered them with such a project.

KItale stands



During this distribution 128 homes and 2 schools benefited from this distribution as shown below.

Days of workshop:

No of recipients:

Type of system:


70 Recipients

10” filters single system


58 Recipients + 2 schools

10” filters single system & two double systems


Total: 130

 KItale beneficiaries



  • Crossing the border has remained a big problem especially when it comes to clearing for the Lifewater Kits. Though we are living in the East African Community, the article of taxation has not yet been implemented. All governments are insisting that a charity has to be taxed across every border. Watchmen International Pastors always play a big role at the border to explain to their respective Revenue Authorities about the charity for us to cross hassle-free.
  • The number of people at the workshops were more than the number of Kits we had which almost brought chaos in the place.
  • There was a lot of tension because of the Coronavirus as they announced the first case in Kenya on 11th March, the day we finished our last workshop. A patient had arrived in Kitale and it was worried that he could have made contact with anyone in Kitale where we stayed.

Kitale beneficiary with labelled kit




The Government leaders and denominational representatives in their speeches expressed their gratitude to the AALL foundation and Lifewater for extending this opportunity to more of its homes and inviting all people without worrying about religious affiliation.


Before the first workshop began, the team met with the County Commissioner who wanted to know more details about what we were doing and authorised us to officially work in his county without any hindrance.

On the 13th March, we held a meeting with the Africa Youth Award (AYA) members to appreciate them and guide them on how to carry out visitation and monitoring. This meeting was facilitated by Glenys London from the UK (our Global AYA Co-0rdinator), and Caleb Kabaho, the International AYA Co-ordinator, based in Uganda). The AYA members are a great part of all our distributions as they facilitate identification, training and monitoring of the beneficiaries.


Our sincere gratitude goes to the AALL foundation, the Lifewater and Africa Youth Award teams for another successful distribution in Kitale Kenya.

Thank you.