Back to Rhino Refugee Settlement – Nov. 2019

The Aall Foundation funded distribution of Lifewater Systems sponsored by Matt Henricks of Water Works finally got under way in November! It had been planned for the previous month, but had to be postponed due to our team having a road accident on the way there on the first day.

Our team reports:

We thank God for helping the Lifewater team to travel the 2 days journey from Kasese without any interruptions on the way. We are also happy for the new driver Ayubu Sam, an Africa Youth Award graduate, who did a good job of driving and supporting us in the distribution work at the camp.

In Rhino Camp we were joined by Mickey, Godfrey (both Church of Uganda Field Workers) and Alfred (a Rhino Camp representative from the Office of the Prime Minister), who worked with the team in the three days of distribution amidst harsh weather and land terrain challenges. Travel from Arua (the nearest place that they can stay) to the Refugee Settlement is a challenging drive at the best of times!

On the way there:

Rhino camp Nov on the way there

On the way back, t hey had to be hauled out of the mud (and they went back by a different route, to avoid the difficulties they had experience on the way there!)

 Rhino camp Nov  on the way back

The distribution took three days from 25-27th November 2019. 277 families from Odubu Zone benefited. This Zone has four clusters; Odubu, Yelulu, Kiradoku and Wanyange.

Rhino camp Nov  3

 We are grateful for our partner, Mickey Aibaku (Church of Uganda Field Worker), who left all his office work and kept with us in the field till the end of our distribution. He was very helpful when we met the various challenges since he knew the area and its people well.


1)    Communication: In cluster one and two, we had three tribes; one could hear Arabic but the other two would pick little from Arabic. So it was not easy to use English and to use two interpreters.

We therefore decided to leave the work of teaching to Fabian (our Rhino Camp Lifewater Field Worker) and two interpreters. We thank God because Fabian did a great job in these training sessions, and where he found difficulties – for example, in answering questions – he would still ask the team who helped him where necessary.

2)    The rains have been very heavy this season in different parts of Uganda. This has been a great challenge for most of the distributions we have had this year. We truly thank God for protecting us when we got stuck in the mud whilst returning from one of the distributions. We thank everyone who prayed for us in this distribution.


We appreciate the work done by the Uganda Lifewater team and the field workers, including the Church of Uganda team, for the great work they are doing.

Great thanks go to Water Works, who donated the kits for this distribution.

We also highly appreciate the Aall Foundation for funding this distribution. Many families can now have safe water to drink.