Helping South Sundanese Refugees at Rhino Camp in Uganda

Roger and the Lifewater Team in Uganda have been at the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda this week. (see previous update for details of the Rhino Camp). Here are some highlights from his daily updates:

Day 1 of Lifewater/Water Works distribution completed. 68 more special needs (PSN) families will now have access to clean and safe drinking water. Two and a half hour drive each way on hot dusty unmade roads from Arua to Tika 1 zone (no curries in sight!). The meeting place quickly filled with many disappointed folk not on the list of families with special needs. Wish we could supply every family there with the water kits!

 Rhino Tika Zone 1 distribution

Day 2 at Rhino Camp: pics below: a typical truck carrying water direct from the River Nile (also pictured), often untreated to fill the large black water tanks in each village location. 46 more families received their gift of a Water Works sponsored emergency water purification kit today/

Rhino water delivery    River Nile

Day 3 Another good day, albeit long and hot, at Rhino Camp, this time in Tika 4 Village. More than 100 families received Lifewater/Water Works emergency kits today. Last time the Lifewater team visited Tika 4 there had been some tribal killings there a few days earlier and tensions were high, but this time everything was calm (an answer to the prayer for God’s peace to be in the village today).

Rhino Tika 4 camp     Rhino Tika 4 distribution

Final day at Rhino Camp today – 288 emergency kits distributed in total this week in Tika Zone.  Pitcured below is a young girl, Katalina Jambo, who is being brought up,along with a sister and 2 brothers by her Grandmother. I just happened to be sitting behind her and was shocked by the torn clothes. Her family was one that received an emergency kit (also pictured below). Apparently they are a very poor family with less than 2 pennies to rub together. Makes you appreciate how much these folk have lost as they’ve fled war-torn South Sudan. Who knows what happened to Katalina’s parents!

Rhino camp poverty     Katalina's family

Anyway, thank God we can at least bless some of these folk in a small way. If you, or others you know (individuals, churches, businesses, charities), want to know more about how you can get involved then please contact us or donate using the button on this page.