Lifewater Projects Update 2018

We’re delighted to report that, earlier this year, we again secured major funding for our Lifewater Villages project from the Aall Foundation (a grant-making trust based in the Cayman Islands). The Villages project donates Lifewater systems to every home in a village, plus systems for any local schools and clinics, ensuring that everyone has access to clean water wherever they are. This year’s funding will cover a further 6 villages, bringing at least two years’ clean and safe drinking water to up to 10,000 men, women and children in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya!

This is the 5th year running that the Aall Foundation have stood with us and sponsored our Lifewater work in a major way. We thank the Trustees for their continuing support, and acknowledge God’s provision in this!

We’re also working in a refugee camp in Western Uganda – the Kyaka II Refugee Camp. This houses thousands of refugees from the on-going conflict in D R Congo. The distributions in the Kyaka II Camp have been sponsored by the Aall Foundation in previous years and are currently supported by Helping Hands, the charitable arm of an Australian management development company, who raise sponsorship via training exercises. We expect to continue visiting the camp every 2 months, with 150-200 systems each time, during the next 12 months, providing clean water for thousands more people, and are extremely grateful for the Aall Foundation’s and Helping Hands’ generosity and support in this life-saving and life-changing work!

Another refugee camp that we are able to assist is The Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, which is one of the largest in the world – over 125,000 refugees from South Sudan, sheltering in northern Uganda. The Ugandan Govt is resettling them in an area about 30 miles square, and giving a small plot of land (for subsistence farming) and basic shelter materials to all those who would benefit from it. They truck in river water which needs purifying to make it drinkable! Here are some recipients attending a recent distribution workshop:

rhino camp

Helping Hands donates the kits, but Watchmen International funds the distributions and employs a couple of local Field Workers to ensure the kits are properly used and maintained. We urgently need more funds to continue this. So, if this project has touched your heart, please prayerfully consider supporting this desperately needed project. You can use the donate link on the right of this page and indicate that your gift is for the Rhino Camp project. Thank you!