Lifewater returns to Sironko, Eastern Uganda, and to Kabarole, Rwanda

The Aall Foundation Lifewater Projects 2019

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BUMIRISA, Uganda and KABAROLE, Rwanda

As part of the on-going Lifewater projects carried out by Transformed International, generously sponsored by The Aall Foundation, we were able to return to the Sironko region of Eastern Uganda, and to Kabarole in Rwanda to donate more Lifewater Systems to villages in those districts. There are active Africa Youth Award Groups in both those areas too, and they were very involved in all aspects of the project, as can be seen in the reports below. Thes reports were compiled by our indigenous Lifewater Team in Uganda, who carried out both distributions.


Sironko beneficiary with labelled kit 1

Happy recipient, with her kit!

The distribution started on Tuesday 25th June 2019 at Bukyambi Christian healing centre church. The Sironko team comprising of Pastor Bernard and the local Africa Youth Award (AYA) team was very helpful and supportive in the distribution. They took part in the registration, setting up of the kits and training of the beneficiaries.

A total of 125 beneficiaries including three Schools (one secondary and two Primary schools) received Lifewater Systems at this distribution.


AYA is doing a commendable work in Sironko in regards to monitoring. Some are attending to this, while others are in schools and in towns exercising their skills as they were trained. They AYA team members are doing a lot of work in the areas so far distributed to.

Those who are skilful in carpentry work have taken the contract of making all the stands of the recipients in the area at a subsidised price, which counts toward the ‘serving the community’ module of the Award programme.

Sironko AYA making stands

 AYA members making stands


Pastor Bernard the Lifewater area representative extended the appreciation of the past beneficiaries to the Aall Foundation. The government representatives present extended their sincere gratitude for the great help their village has received and commended the non- denominational way Lifewater carries out their distributions.

Sironko beneficiaries

Thank you, Aall Foundation!

As is usual in most areas where the distributions have taken place, those that attend are always more than the available kits regardless of having sent through invitations. We pray God blesses the Aall Foundation that they may continue to be a blessing to many more homes.

 ————– End of Sironko Report ————–


The distribution took place on 16th and 17th September. The Lifewater Uganda team worked together with the Rwanda Lifewater team led by Pastor Andrew Munana, the village Local leaders and AYA team to make this distribution a success. One of the Uganda Team was prevented from entering Rwanda, due to the incidence of some cases of Ebola in the district from which he came. As he was the driver for the Ugandan Team, that made for some complications. However, on a postitive note, production by our Rwandan Team Leader of a letter from the Rwandan Revenue Authority, meant that the Lifewater kits were allowed in tax-free.

Rwanda dist

The beneficiaries arrived and kept time for each of the distribution days which allowed us to finish early despite the prolonged workshops due to need of interpretation. After the registration process the beneficiaries were trained on how to set up and maintain the kits they had received. They were allowed to ask questions where they didn’t understand and also informed to contact the AYA members if find any challenges setting up or maintaining the kits at their homes.

A total of 128 kits were given out in this distribution. These comprised of 125 homes and 2 schools. Based on the school populations, the secondary school took two double filter systems while the primary school took one double filter system.

Rwanda secondary school donation

The Lifewater Systems donated to the Secondary School, with pupils and teachers


It is important to note the great role the AYA team is playing right from identification of the recipients to the monitoring of the beneficiaries. We were happy to find the AYA team drilling the buckets which we finished in time and were able to start the distribution in time. They were helpful in offloading the filters and distributing in each of the two buckets ready for distribution and in the registration of beneficiaries. The AYA team also participated in the workshop and helped the beneficiaries have hands-on experience of setting up their kits, as they knew the local language better.

Rwanda AYA making holes

Making holes for assembly of the Lifewater System


  • We are grateful to God and to everyone who worked behind the scenes to allow us cross the border with the kits tax free and pray this will continue.
  • We appreciate the punctuality of all the teams and the beneficiaries.
  • The involvement of the local leaders in the distribution process can’t be ignored. They helped Pastor Munana in the coordination of the days’ programmes.
  • Involvement of the AYA team.

Rwanda AYA team

The local AYA Team


The beneficiaries and the Local leaders are very appreciative of the help given to them by The Aall Foundation in coordination with Lifewater under Watchmen International in Africa and Transformed International in the UK.

Beneficiaries from an earlier distribution at Kabarole still testify of how the kits have helped them live a better quality of life.

Those who didn’t receive this time are hopeful that they will receive next time!

Thank you Aall Foundation for making this distribution a success.