Lifewater Update November 2018



This month, we have completed another distribution at the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, in conjunction with the WaterWorks program, when another 200 families received life-saving Lifewater filtration systems. The settlement has grown from 30,000 to approaching 70,000 refugees in the last 12 months. Most of the influx (around 800 per week) have fled from rebel-controlled areas of Eastern DR Congo.


We have also carred out two Lifewater distributions in the last couple of months, sponsored by the

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Our Lifewater team visited Buhuhira in Western Uganda last month. Buhuhira is a small village in the mountainous ranges of mountain Rwenzori in Uganda. It is avillage that has faced many floods and has very poor water sources. Their main water sources are seasonal streams from the mountains. Due to this, they are very prone to water borne diseases.The best water supply the people have is pictured below:

water supply at buhuhira

So the Lifewater systems were desperately needed. Getting there to distribute the systems was challenging, even by African standards! It was a very foggy day in the rainy season, and the team encountered sitations like the one pictured below (note the complete absence of any safety barriers – with the hill dropping off steeply to the left of the picture!):

on the way to buhuhira

We gave out 125 single filter systems to home steads and 2 double filter systems to schools in the area.

recipients at buhuhira

The happy recipients at Buhuhira!

Then our team has just returned from Rwanda where 125 homes and a school in Kayonza received Lifewater systems, once again sponsored by the Aall Foundation.

Kayonza is a small town 30 miles east of Kigali. Most families live in mud or banana leaf huts and struggle to find work. Men and women sometimes help with household chores or harvesting crops to earn a living. The town is centred on a roundabout, where the road east from Kigali splits into the road running north to the Ugandan border, and the road south to Tanzania. It is a major transport hub because of this junction, with one hotel and two petrol pumps!

Monitoring and Maintenance

The Lifewater Aall Foundation Villages distribution program also includes monitoring, support and maintenance of all previously donated systems. The latest monitoring visits were carried out in August and September. 1351 homes and schools were visited (out of the 1567 who received Aall Foundation sponsored systems in the last 3 years – the rest will be visited again in the next round of monitoring).

92% of the systems examined were found to be in good working order, 6% had broken parts or needed replacement parts (the majority of those were donated nearly three years ago). The 6% were repaired and left in good working order – giving a 98% utilization rate over the three years we have been distributing the LifeWater systems to villages on behalf of the Aall Foundation – a major achievement with enormous impact!

Here are some comments from people who have received Lifewater systems over the last couple of years, collected on out latest monitoring visitation program:

 I moved home with my Lifewater system as this is one of my most treasured belongings that I had to carry with me. This is because of the great impact it has had on my health” (Mr. Magara Henry, Katoma Ahamuyaga, Uganda)

 I have a family of 12 that had suffered from water-borne diseases for over two years and we were planning to sell our land and move to another place due to endless diseases. This all changed from the time we got the Lifewater filtration kit. Now for one and a half years we are free from water-borne diseases” (Musoki Mary, Buhuhira, Uganda)

 I had been diagnosed with typhoid fever and would always get relapses whenever I drunk unboiled water since I was never able to cook water all the time. When I got the filter this changed. With the money I would always take to hospital and buy medicine, I have been able to educate my children” (Muhindo Jeturida, Buhuhira, Uganda)

 “With clean and safe water the schools pupils’ attendance has highly improved” (Kibaale, Kiyentale, Uganda)

 “I was tired of drinking swampy water. Now I am able to drink clean water without any hesitation” (Mr. Kagonyera Francis, Katoma Kyarwanga, Uganda)

 “I have nothing I can give Lifewater for healing my family from water-borne diseases. Only blessings all the way” (Mr. Muheki, Katoma Kyarwanga, Uganda)

 “I thank Lifewater for helping me save money since I spend less on buying firewood” (Mr. Kamugisha Peter, Katoma Mikole, Uganda)

 “There is no one who can try to make me drink unsafe water because Lifewater made me understand the importance of drinking safe water” (Mr. Bagyenda Lamanzan, Katoma Nkangi, Uganda)

 “If these systems could be extended to the neighbouring sub-counties then this would wipe out the typhoid epidemic” (Closing remarks of Local Councillor, Level 5, Sironko Bunandudu, Uganda)