Lives are being transformed in Rwanda – Dec. 2018 news

Our teams have been busy in Rwanda over the last couple of months!

A new  group going through Spiritual Transformation training was started at Rwembogo on 3rd December 2018. The group consists of 57 people including pastors, assistant pastors, and evangelists from different churches.

Rwanda new ST group Nov 2018

As the photo shows, their interest is very high! But this is not just about information and training – we expect the particpants to apply the teaching in their own lives and see transformation as a result. Almost all participants that have passed through the course have testified about their Christian walk moving to a new level, transformed marriages, and major impact in their churches with increased holiness and discipleship – find out more on our Training Resources page - preparing God’s people for the soon return of the Lord Jesus.

The course at Rwembogo is planned to complete over the next few weeks and they expect to graduate them in the second week of January 2019. The participants will then join the thousands who have been blessed in this way and will be issued with their own copies of the training syllabus and participnat workbooks. They will then be passing on the training to other members of their churches, who will then be able to train others also – 2 Timothy 2:2 in action!

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Our Lifewater Co-ordinator in Rwanda writes:

“The people in our village AKABARE II and few people who are very close to this village are very very happy of receiving the life water system in the recent distribution of November/2018 in AKABARE II village, Rwimishinya cell, RUKARA  Sector, Kayonza District – Rwanda.

“In this distribution 116 families ( homes ) were given life water systems, 2 Health centers, 2 Schools – each center and school was given one double filter system.

“With much appreciation ,we give thanks to The Aall Foundation for this assistance given these community people who have no safe drinking water.”

The Lifewater teams across all districts are also responsible for monitoring the systems and ensuring correct and continuing use. The members of the local Africa Youth Award groups are trained for this as part of the Community Service section of their programme, so delivering a double benefit to the local communities.

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