October 2016 news update

Wellington college students LW construction

Students and staff from Wellington College, Berkshire visited one of the Lifewater Village Projects in Katoma, Uganda. These projects have been sponsored by the Helping Hands Programme (Australia). The students and teachers, accompanied by Glenys London, were instructed in how a Lifewater system is assembled and used, before fetching water from a local swampy water source in a jerry can. Later in the day they visited a number of homes which had received Lifewater systems and had the opportunity to taste the filtered water for themselves. The Watchmen and Wellington school team then continued on to Kasese where they parted ways. Glenys then spent the next week in Kabale District, Southwest Uganda, engaged in another Lifewater Village Project. Glenys reported, “It’s wonderful to see ordinary village folk able to drink clean and safe water in their own homes. It’s also brilliant to see the local Africa Youth Award young people supporting the distribution programme, visiting the homes to see if the Lifewater systems have been set up correctly”.