October/November 2015 news update

LW Zanzibar

Zanzibar, a semi-independent group of islands off the coast of Tanzania, is predominantly Islamic (93%). Watchmen International has a regional Tanzanian team based there led by Pastor Charles Kiyengo. Roger London, accompanied by two International team members, Stephen Nsibambi and William Nyelela, and the Tanzanian National Watchmen leader, Raymond Mbidu, visited Zanzibar in order to hold a Spiritual Transformation training course and also to run a Lifewater programme. The Spiritual Transformation course was held over 9 days teaching around 50 leaders from various Church denominations. The Lifewater programme was run in partnership with the Zanzibar Ministry of Education, distributing Lifewater systems to schools across the two main islands of Unguja and Pemba. Roger reported, “The Lifewater programme certainly met with challenges in Zanzibar, such as encountering huge school populations with up to 3,000 pupils in a school, but it was great to have the opportunity to take our Watchmen International teams into the schools, demonstrating the love of Jesus to them in a practical way”.  Thanks go to the Aall Foundation for sponsoring the Lifewater programme which also includes providing replacement filters to each of the participating schools after one year’s use.