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From its inception, Watchmen International has been built on relationships and partnership. As with any fruitful relationship or partnership, this involves both the ability and willingness to give and to receive. Many local churches today recognise the call to mission outside their own communities but are often without the means of achieving this in a meaningful way. Watchmen International has put in place structures to enable local churches in the UK and USA to participate and share in the work as partners. Partnership for us involves praying, the opportunity to support the work financially and also the opportunity to go as members of visiting teams from the UK and USA; it involves the giving of ourselves but, equally important, it also means being able and willing to receive from our African brothers and sisters as we work together in preparing the Church for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

Each country in which we are working has its own indigenous and inter-denominational National team made up of Pastors and leaders (along with their wives) who oversee the development of the work within their own nations. Each National team includes members who are responsible for the development of the ministry to leaders, to women, to families, to youth and in the nursery schools.

The National team ministry is overseen by an indigenous International team, working out from our HQ in Kasese, Western Uganda.

Teams in both the UK and USA provide support to the work in Africa in terms of prayer, finance, and participating in regular visits to encourage and partner the African teams as they take the ministry forward.