Watchmen International |Lifewater safe drinking water project

The Problem

Just short of 1 billion people worldwide have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Water-borne diseases are responsible for over 12 million deaths a year. Lack of access to clean water means that, for most of the world, water must be boiled before drinking. This is a major undertaking and, with rapidly diminishing natural resources, the environmental and human impact of this activity is significant – consuming huge quantities of energy, resource and time. For many, the simple cost of purchasing fuel – such as wood or charcoal – is prohibitive. In addition, boiled unfiltered water is generally unpleasant to the taste.

For more details go to the lifewater website.

A Simple Solution

Technologies and chemicals available to western cultures to purify drinking water are often not transferable or culturally appropriate to the poor communities in developing nations. Watchmen International has therefore designed a simple, versatile and inexpensive ‘low-tech’ water filtration kit. These kits transform disease-infected water into safe, pure and pleasant-tasting drinking water that requires no boiling. The kits, coupled together with readily available plastic bins are quickly and easily assembled to provide individual families, schools and other organisations with an instant answer to water-borne sickness. A report from one of our nursery schools in Kenya indicated that, since installing a Lifewater system, daily absenteeism of children due to sickness had reduced from more than 25% to 5%.

East Africa 20/13 ‘Maji Safi’ (Clean water) Project

Through sponsorship raised Watchmen International is placing Lifewater systems into many schools, orphanages, clinics and hospitals across East Africa – 20 Lifewater systems in each of 13 towns across the five nations of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. We are aiming to complete this project by February 2014.

What can I do to Help?

A one-off gift of £35 enables us to sponsor and set up an initial Lifewater system in a school, orphanage, clinic or hospital, thereby providing clean and safe drinking water to hundreds in the local communities in which we work. For more details please go to the sponsorship page.