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The Need

The impact of AIDS and endemic poverty in sub-Saharan Africa has decimated families and communities. 40 million orphaned children rely upon the charity of those already struggling to cope. For these children there is little hope of anything in life except abject poverty.

Meeting the Need

African Watchmen Teams partner with indigenous churches to empower local communities to meet the challenges they face. Our schools programme enables local churches to establish model nursery schools for children otherwise unable to access education and other vital support. Our schools are partner projects where communities and families come together to assist with school buildings and other support. We provide expertise and resource that includes teachers and annual teacher training, equipment, academic curriculum, overall supervision and financial management.

The Impact

Many of our children are orphans or in desperate poverty. The care provided by our schools includes a daily meal of maize porridge and a clean water programme that has resulted in a radical drop in child sickness. This ‘love in action’ enriches and improves the lives of whole communities in a powerful way – parents come together to build the schools and to support their activities; classes are held for parents in health, hygiene and parenting; and families are supported through the extra food, clean water and other resources the schools provide.

How does it Work?

Before we support a new school we assess the ability to provide financial support in the long term. Through sponsorship, we undertake to provide each school with £1,800 per year to cover the core programme of education, food, clean water and extra-curricular activities. Any additional funds provide extra equipment and other resources.

Progress to Date

There are currently 18 nursery schools supported by Watchmen International in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.

What can I do To Help?

Our schools rely on sponsorship from individuals, churches and other sources. Smaller donations enable us to provide much-needed extra resources. Sponsoring a nursery school costs only £1,800 per year. For more details please go to the sponsorship page.