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What is the Africa Youth Award?

The Africa Youth Award was officially launched in May 2007. The Award, divided into Silver and Gold sections, is a two-year discipleship and personal development programme for young people in Africa.

The purpose of the Award is
  • To raise the self-esteem of young men and women, giving them a sense of personal achievement and better preparation for life.
  • To recognise and acknowledge the achievements of young people who have made personal and spiritual development, through their contact with Watchmen International.
  • To disciple young people equipping them to disciple others upon completion of their courses, by helping to run courses for their peers.
  • To enable leaders to recognise young people’s contribution and involvement in church and community projects.
  • To complement existing Christian youth work.

Five Sections

In both the Silver and Gold Awards there are five main sections, all of which have to be successfully completed by the young person in order to obtain a Silver or Gold Africa Youth Award certificate:

Christian discipleship: young people engage in regular group discussion-based Bible studies covering many subjects pertinent to them as young people.


Skills development: each young person has to identify a skill which they can personally develop throughout the Award.

Community service:  either the young person or the whole local group participates in regular community work, ranging from tidying their neighbourhood to assisting the elderly and disabled with regular daily tasks.

Christian service: each young person needs to be actively involved in the life and ministry of their local church, regularly serving in some capacity, e.g. Sunday school teaching, choir, worship team, ushering, etc.

Physical recreation: each participant in the Award has a responsibility to keep themselves physically fit through engaging in regular sporting activities.

All of these sections is monitored and needs to be completed and signed off by a supervisor for the young person to complete the Award and qualify for a certificate.

The Award has now been introduced into several African nations with around 3000 young people undertaking the Award. Many have already completed both Silver and Gold programmes and have progressed to various forms of Christian leadership, including helping to lead their own Award groups. Many have launched their own businesses based on the skills they developed in the course of completing the Award.
Each nation has its own National Africa Youth Award Co-ordinator. Glenys London oversees development and training of trainers in the Award.

What can I do To Help?

There are various ways in which the Africa Youth Award can be supported, ranging from sponsoring training events, providing tools for skills development, or sports equipment for the physical recreation element of the Award.  For more details please go to the sponsorship page.

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