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November 2016 news update

  Ali and Lorraine Patience have just come on to the Watchmen International UK Board as directors. They are currently serving as missionaries with ‘Kids in Kailahun’, a child sponsorship programme in Sierra Leone. Ali and Lorraine have already introduced the Africa Youth Award in their local area, Kailahun, with a number of young people […]

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October 2016 news update

Students and staff from Wellington College, Berkshire visited one of the Lifewater Village Projects in Katoma, Uganda. These projects have been sponsored by the Helping Hands Programme (Australia). The students and teachers, accompanied by Glenys London, were instructed in how a Lifewater system is assembled and used, before fetching water from a local swampy water […]

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June 2016 news update

  Roger London, accompanied by members of the Ugandan team, visited Sironko District in Eastern Uganda for a Lifewater Village Project. Three hilly villages bordering the Mount Elgon National Park were recipients of more than 100 Lifewater systems – these were set up in homes and in a local school. The project was organised locally […]

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October/November 2015 news update

Zanzibar, a semi-independent group of islands off the coast of Tanzania, is predominantly Islamic (93%). Watchmen International has a regional Tanzanian team based there led by Pastor Charles Kiyengo. Roger London, accompanied by two International team members, Stephen Nsibambi and William Nyelela, and the Tanzanian National Watchmen leader, Raymond Mbidu, visited Zanzibar in order to […]

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