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A main emphasis in all our teaching, whether spoken or written, is the need for ongoing spiritual change and growth in Christian maturity. As watchmen we believe that Jesus is returning soon – our responsibility is to ensure that Christians are well prepared and eagerly awaiting His return.

Training programmes:

Spiritual Transformation Training Programme

“This is the full version of Watchmen International’s ‘Spiritual Transformation’ training programme for Pastors and leaders, containing 22 lessons covering subjects such as: the soon coming of Jesus, the need and process of spiritual transformation, Kingdom versus culture, motivations for spiritual transformation, being and making disciples, etc.”

Africa Youth Award – Silver Discipleship Programme

“This is the discipleship course for the Silver Africa Youth Award programme, covering many basic discipleship subjects, including those especially pertinent to young people in African culture.”
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Africa Youth Award – Gold Discipleship Programme

“This is the discipleship course for the Gold Africa Youth Award programme, covering a range of leadership topics, thereby helping to equip young people for Christian leadership roles.”
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Other teaching resources:

Something’s Missing – The Fear of the Lord

“For many believers there is little or no understanding of the fear of the Lord and yet the Bible teaches that it is the beginning of wisdom and that by it a man avoids iniquity. This booklet examines this very important subject demonstrating how central the fear of the Lord is to personal spiritual transformation and preparation for the soon coming of Jesus.”


The Conqueror

“This is truly a Jesus-centred read. The purpose of the book is to help the true Church to identify itself, to provide clear guidelines to help Christians overcome personal iniquity and to build up their eternal hope as they eagerly wait for the return of King Jesus. The book is hard-hitting but with blows that bring revelation and healing.”

Conformed Conformed to the Image of God’s Son

There is Far

“A personal journal written by Glenys London drawing on experiences in six East African countries in which Watchmen International is working. For those who have travelled recently in East Africa, this candid and humorous journal will immediately transport them back there in their thoughts; for those thinking of going, this is an honest portrayal of many of the things you will experience and the wonderful people you will meet

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