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Sponsor a nursery school

By Western standards it costs remarkably little to impact the lives of a whole community in rural Africa. Just £150 per month enables us to set up and sponsor an entire nursery school of up to 120 children and their teachers for one year. Sponsors receive feedback and reports from their schools and have opportunities to visit and for other involvement should they so wish.

A summary of what you get for your sponsorship:
  • Nursery education for up to 120 children
  • Two salaried teachers
  • An annual teacher training programme
  • A school overseer
  • A school committee made up of teachers, parents and local officials
  • Subsidised school uniform
  • A daily meal of maize porridge for each child
  • The availability of Lifewater safe drinking water for each child
How do I sponsor a school?

If you are interested in sponsoring or part-sponsoring a school and would like further information, please contact us. Watchmen International asks for a three-year commitment for nursery school sponsorship.

Sponsor a lifewater system

A gift of £45 enables us to donate a Lifewater system in a home, school, or health centre, thereby providing clean and safe drinking water in the local communities in which we work.

For churches, charities and businesses there is also the opportunity to sponsor a whole village programme – 100 homes, a local school and health centre – costs just £4,500  – this provides 24/7 clean and safe water for two years before the filter cartridge needs replacing (just £10 per cartridge).

Sponsor the Africa Youth Award
  • £150 enables 6 youth leaders to go through our three-day ‘Training the trainers’ programme equipping them to effectively lead an Award group.
  • £50 provides the teaching resources for a group of 12 young people for a whole year.
  • £250 provides a basic but varied set of hand-tools, including one sewing machine, to a group of 12 young people (tools provided by Tools with a Mission).
  • £125 provides a variety of sports equipment, e.g. balls, bats, nets, etc. to a group to use for physical recreation.
  • £250 enables our National Award co-ordinators to travel throughout their nation visiting various Award groups in the course of a year.

General gifts

General gifts will go towards the ministry of Watchmen International in areas such as: funding the African national teams in their travel and conference/seminar expenses; resourcing the teams with teaching and training materials; etc. We would have you know that only a very small proportion of the gifts received are spent on administration. None of the UK, USA or African team members receive any salary for their work with Watchmen International.

Make your gift go further

If you are a UK tax payer, for every £10 given as a charitable donation, we are able to reclaim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue. Simply download, fill out and send off the gift aid declaration. This extra money makes an enormous difference to the work of Watchmen International and is much appreciated.

Download Gift Aid Form >