“Thank you Aall Foundation!”

“Thank you, Aall Foundation, for giving us a cure for water borne diseases!”

This was the appreciation of the Chairman of the local council in Nyakabungo, Uganda at the Lifewater Systems distribution held there last month. 124 families and the local school received Lifewater Systems. Each school-based system provides daily clean drinking water for 60-100 adults and children. This is the first of six such projects that we will be undertaking this year as a result of the renewed funding by the Aall Foundation, continuing our much valued association with them over a number of years.

 The Distribution:

Nyakabungo II is a village in Kamwenge District, Uganda with poor drinking water. This distribution was a follow-up to last year’s distribution in neighbouring Nyakabungo. This village’s main source of water is a spring that is shared by animals and humans which has increased the prevalence of water-borne diseases in Nyakabungo.

The distribution was carried out by the Lifewater team led by Pastor Caleb Kabaho, plus 7 young people from the village Africa Youth Award (AYA) team, and the village local council chairperson. At the distribution venues, the recipients were trained on how to set up, clean and maintain the filtration kits. They were also instructed on how to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene to avoid secondary contamination of their water.

Nyakabungo II recipients concentrating


The chairperson requested Mrs. Glenys London who represented the UK board to extend his sincere gratitude to the UK board, the Aall Foundation, and all parties that participated in making this distribution a success. He was happy that his area had been extended to this opportunity. He promised to work hand in hand with the Monitoring team to make sure his people are using the kits well so that they don’t die of water borne diseases.

 Nyakabungo II recipient home     Nyakabungo II recipients enjoying clean water

Typical Lifewater System recipient’s home

The local radio was also in attendance and the presenters said that they “were humbled at the non-denominational way the kits were given out”. They were happy that a church organization gave help to all village members irrespective of their beliefs as clean and safe water is a universal need. They reported this in their evening news.


Our team carried out spot check monitoring and were happy to find most of the recipients had good stands and were happily using the kits.  The few who had improper stands were advised on how to make them stronger and better. Most of the children we found in the homes were so happy to finally have clean and safe drinking water. The local AYA trainees will continue the monitoring of the systems in the coming months as part of their Award course work. This will ensure that the systems continue to be kept in good condition and are effectively used. We have found that, by using the local AYA monitoring teams, utilisation rates are around 85-90% even 2-3 years after the systems have been donated – a remarkable achievement for Africa!


The local Africa Youth Award leader, Milton, informed us that there is still great need for our intervention. He said “Despite of this great need, the great contribution to solving this water problem by Aall Foundation is very outstanding. Thank you Aall Foundation for making this distribution successful!”