Watchmen Transformed!

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For several months now, we have been in the process of re-launching the Watchmen ministry in the UK under the name “Transformed International”. We believe that the time is right to do this and is something that we are all excited about as our hope is that the new name, with its new corporate logo and soon coming new website, will add new impetus to the ministry here in the UK!

We have wanted to reflect and reaffirm the vision and core values of our work within the new name, being clearly focused and centred on the transformational nature of our work – transforming the lives of individuals, married couples, families and whole communities across Africa through the Spiritual Transformation training programme, AYA, Lifewater and the Schools’ ministry.

As mentioned above, a new website is under development, but in the meantime, all our latest news and updates are available here. Our donation facility has already been changed over to the new name, but our bank account details are unchanged, so if you already support us by Standing Order, nothing has to change in those arrangements. (Our Charity Commission and Companies House registrations continue under the same numbers, too.)


Lifewater re-launched

We have also recently launched a new charity called Lifewater UK, with a redesigned website, to focus specifically on Lifewater projects. The Trustees of both charities are the same and they will be managed jointly.

We are doing this as this side of the work has built up quite significantly over the last 3-4 years, with many projects running each year, in rural villages and refugee settlements (each taking 2-3 months planning and preparation).

In these projects, usually between 125 and 200 homes in a community, plus any schools and health centres, receive Lifewater Systems and comprehensive Water and Sanitation training at the initial distribution.

They are also regularly visited by local teams from the Africa Youth Award scheme (part of their work towards their Award), who monitor the usage of the system, and carry out any essential cleaning or repairs. This has resulted in a utilisation rate upto 90%, even on systems donated 2-3 years ago – a real achievement in Africa! Especially when you consider that this means over 3,000 families gain access to clean water each year. Some communities report complete elimination of water-borne diseases – an unheard-of outcome!